Another Parental success from Aberdeen at the Education Culture and Sport Committee.

Article 7.7 Review Inclusion PSA Impact Survey

Recommendations – note outcome of survey and further information on longitudinal impact of staffing allocations will be produced as part of ongoing review of inclusion

Provides a breakdown of how PSA’s are used in Primary and Secondary schools. Information provided by head teachers. Provides a PSA expenditure comparison with comparable Council.


This item got a bit heated to say the least. Concern was raised that this was not the report that had been called for. An impact assessment was sought and an impact survey produced. There was a fairly low return rate for the survey.

An amendment was tabled to note the impact survey with concern and to instruct further work involving parents, PSA’s, teachers and SMT’s input by Autumn 2012.

The amendment passed 10/9. We of course voted for the amendment. There was good grace by the administration who accepted the vote and did not refer this to Full Council. A more detailed oral update may be provided to members at the next meeting if required.


Congratulations to you both for wise voting and ensuring we now get an impact analysis on the effects of PSA reductions. I will start chasing officers to find out how they plan the Parental Involvement. Parents now truly have a voice