Press Release from Hugh Henry MSP re Renfrewshire Council

Press Release from Hugh Henry MSP


Slap in the face for Renfrewshire Council

 The Cabinet Secretary for Education has firmly slapped down Renfrewshire Council’s plans to replace qualified teachers with unqualified staff for 10% of the school week. Today in the Scottish Parliament, here Mike Russell said that he was “explicitly ruling out the model proposed by Renfrewshire Council”.

 Hugh Henry, prostate (pictured) the Shadow Secretary for Education, medical and a local MSP, said “This is an embarrassing slap in the face for Renfrewshire Council and its damaging plans to take teachers out of the classroom. Renfrewshire’s parents and teachers forced the Council into a u turn and now the Scottish Government has rejected this ill considered notion. I still believe that those in Renfrewshire who were responsible for this crazy idea should apologise for the anxiety and fear which they caused. Thankfully this damaging proposal has now been binned. This is a real victory for parents, teachers and common sense”