CALL Scotland (Communication, Access, Literacy, Learning) information day update & Presentations


Hopefully you’ve recovered from the excitement of coming along to the CALL Scotland information day on 12 November, staff here found it a stimulating day and a chance to meet faces both old and new to CALL services.

I’m attaching the presentation used for the Books for All session. Craig Mill noted that there was a lot of interest in AccessApps and because he demonstrated things rather than using a PowerPoint he has provided a link if anyone wishes follow up to find out more and download the software

You provided valuable feedback in your evaluation questionnaire and I thought you might find it interesting to hear about the overall feedback the group gave on the day.

Most of you described the advance information, booking arrangements and directions to CALL as excellent or good. Although we did manage to lose a booking request we sorted out on the day – thanks for your patience on this.

There was a spread of knowledge about CALL before the day – some of you knew a fair bit about CALL and had used our services, most knew little about CALL. It was good for us to reach new people. There was an increase in understanding and awareness about CALL services after the event. That’s helpful to know especially because we didn’t spend too much time talking about CALL services on the day, and more on what might help your sons and daughters

All of those who responded to the question on overall relevance to their son or daughter were positive giving either a good or excellent response here. We think that the positive score reflected well on the early discussions we had with National Parent Forum Scotland representatives. That helped us decide that on this occasion we would aim for a broad sweep across ICT for pupils with ASN rather than to focus in on any one area. Thanks Billy, Tina and Louise and to all who indicated a preference in their booking form. It helped us to tailor the sessions.

Regarding the presentations we asked you about advance information, the range and depth covered in time available, the overall quality of presentations and, especially important, their relevance to your son or daughter. All responses indicated either good, or excellent. A particular thanks to the responses that noted “better than 5”; “need more time (all day)”.

We asked what you thought about the workstations – asking you to comment on advance information, overall quality, relevance, knowledge of presenters and ability of presenters to respond to your questions. No respondents gave a score of abysmal or weak (phew) with most awarding a good or excellent score (‘excellent’ being the most common).

There was unanimous interest in similar sessions for parents, however choice of day and time was less clear-cut. We offered four options: Saturday 10am-2pm as on this occasion; all day Saturday (10-4); weekdays during the day; or weekday evenings. Saturday was by far the preferred day with an almost equal split between half day and full day.

When asked about the range of ICT solutions offered all responded with either good or excellent. In terms of value for money and overall use of your time, both questions received 100% excellent which tells us that a) you know a bargain when you see one and b) you’d like to get out more!

The light lunch / refreshment went down well, other than one comment that the food should have been marked more clearly – noted.

Additional comments included “Thanks for a great day.” “Excellent!”

Thank you once again!
Yours Stuart Aitken

rther to above  information , Kate Farrell has asked me to pass on information about her presentation. I know you will find it useful.

Slides are available here:

Youtube videos are available of my seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival are available here: