P7 PROFILES An update from Joanna Murphy

To you all, healing

You might be interested to know that there have been a couple of enquiries in response to the letter I sent out to all Parent Councils in August with an update on CfE. There appears to be some difference of opinion about the process around preparing the P7 profiles. The process is only beginning in many schools and therefore Parent Councils should not expect a “finished” article, store which is of course not what my letter was suggesting. However, the P7 profile is being introduced during this school year.

I am bringing this to your attention just in case you get any queries from your Parent Councils. The text below which I have sent in reply to a query that came in via the Enquiries box for NPFS should also be used if you are asked about P7 profiling and any confusion over when they will be “rolled out” into schools.

Dear Rhoda, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The P7 profile is part of Curriculum for Excellence. It is being introduced during this school year, ie by June 2012 all schools are expected to have a P7 profile to share with parents, pupils and with the prospective Secondary school that the child is moving on to. Schools are now starting to work on the format and style of the P7 Profile and my letter was giving Parent Councils the information that this was happening so that they could become involved in the discussions and developments in their school. The process is an “evolutionary” one – which means that schools are thinking about what will work best for them and their pupils. There is not a specific national format to follow. Education Scotland, who are supporting schools and local authorities, have provided some working examples on their website and Parent Councils can access these to give them a better idea of what could be done. These are being described as “emerging practice” to show that the development of these is still in its early stages. Go to http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/parentzone/cfe/assessmentandqualifications/profiling.asp

for more information.

I hope that makes sense and gives you the clarification you need.

Joanna Murphy