National ICT Summit Stirling 17th October 2011 NPFS Presentation and Post Update

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Tony Rafferty presented on how to Deepen Parental Involvement in ICT for our children.


On behalf of the National Parent Forum Of Scotland, these thoughts have been committed to digital words, after canvassing thoughts from other parents around Scotland, who have a desire to see a National joined up IT system, where teachers, children and parents all work together.
To make this work, needs more than just a home PC. Parents also need the ability to be involved at all decision making levels of their child’s education. In Aberdeen for instance, we now have two parents on our Education Committee. Now we need to secure a tetra byte decision of removing my byte size honour of being the only parent in Aberdeen to
have access to Glow (as a virtual school).
There are large numbers of parents throughout Scotland with the will to become involved, but there has to be a National strategy to take it forward. To do that might mean, in some circumstances, going back to grass roots, to ensure our children are ready for today’s and tomorrow’s world.
We have to strive to teach our children in the way that some of us, as parents, are already working today.
e.g. Offices that are virtually paper free, Apple shops where staff walk around with tablets and receipts are emailed out.

As parents we desire that: –

A. Glow/internet access is rolled out throughout all of Scotland’s schools, including the independent private schools.     Thus enabling our children whose families have to move with work, to have the same technology at each location, bar none.

B. That teachers and pupils learn to use the skills, not the tools, to use the Internet and ICT effectively, plus learn to use the Internet safely, unrestricted by bureaucratic filters, but still protected from external hackers etc. so that access from schools is safe but unbounded.

C. Parental access to Glow so that parents with IT skills can advise their children, whilst those less able will have the opportunity to develop their IT knowledge along with their children.

D. Solutions must be found so that all can have access to computers.

e.g. A self financed community centre on the large council estate of Garthdee in Aberdeen has a thriving computer club, which is open from 0800 to 2300 every day, where parents and children can work together.

Some food for thought from outside the box.

How many homes in Scotland don’t have a Television?”
How can we get the likes of the Sony’s of this world to combine more TVs and computers, today. At the cost of a Television?
In conclusion, to make a start, we desire a Government commitment that, all Scottish schools will use Glow and that obtaining parental Glow access will be given priority at a National level. Only then will parents have the opportunity and desire to be more deeply involved, throughout their Child’s education, anywhere in Scotland.
Only last week the new CEO of Apple said “In 2020 95% of the technology we will be using, has yet to be invented”.
We cant as parents help to equip our children for tomorrow by educating them today, with yesterday’s technology.