ICT in Education and the next generation of Glow announcement follow up – others


Dear Colleague, look no rx Arial;font-size: small”>ICT in education and the next generation of Glow

Further to the announcement made last week by the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning (http://www.engageforeducation.org/2011/09/the-future-of-glow/), I am writing to provide you with additional detail and to highlight the key points and implications.

The Scottish Government aims to further realise the potential of information and communication technologies to support learning and teaching in schools. This will include investing in the next generation of Glow; one that keeps pace with rapidly evolving technology, using readily available tools that many learners, educators, parents and carers will recognise from their everyday experience.

The current version of Glow was ground breaking and earned praise in international quarters. To keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological landscape, a new approach is required.

I can confirm the following:

Glow is continuing.



Many of you have put significant time and effort into developing the use

of Glow. Glow is not stopping; it will be improved. Please proceed with your plans for Glow.

Only a procurement exercise has stopped.



We were in the early stages of a procurement exercise, looking at a bespoke solution. This has been stopped. We will now look to other, more dynamic ways to deliver the replacement Glow services in time for September 2012 (the end of the current contract for Glow).

The development of Glow will change.



2009 saw a refresh of Glow. New open tools, such as blogs, wikis and forums were introduced. This showed it is possible to integrate open tools into Glow and we will continue to do this. Glow will continue to evolve.

We will work with you to move to the new Glow tools and services.



Over the next few months, we will outline plans and timescales showing how you will be supported to move to the new Glow tools and services. Right now, it is business as usual in the use of the existing Glow. If any content needs to be migrated, we will support you to do this.

Resources will be invested in the five ICT in Education objectives.



In the current economic climate, the Scottish Public Sector must review its spending with a view to making savings. This is in addition to ensuring expenditure is as efficient and effective as possible. The adoption of the new objectives for ICT in Education will realise our joint vision and invest our resources more effectively. We need you to engage in the discussion on how this important agenda is taken forward. Your help in shaping what comes next is important, as will be your help to change the culture of the use of ICT in Scottish education.

Please get involved in the discussion at http://eduscotict.pbworks.com, leave feedback on Engage for Education (www.engageforeducation.org.uk) or get in touch directly by emailing glowenquiries@educationscotland.gov.uk. I would also be grateful if you could encourage your colleagues, learners, parents and carers to get involved and help shape the future of Glow and ICT in Education – it is important that everyone has their chance to be heard.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie MacDougall

Learning Directorate

Scottish Government